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Hello. I’m Dave. AKA Chasing Bear. AKA Southern conceptual artist.

I’m an artist from the South. But it’s not as cut and dry as this, because being from the South is rife
with inconsistencies if not outright contradictions. Listening to The Geto Boys on the way to church.
Humidity and suits and ties. Integrated schools and segregated towns (even as I write). New South.
Old South. And I’ll go out on a limb and say that passive-aggressiveness might’ve been born somewhere
below the Mason-Dixon Line. But I digress. These cultural contradictions and how they fit into a modern
world (and vice versa) interest me a great deal. My work reflects this interest in social commentary
through conceptual art, design and a decidedly Southern point of view. Besides making art, I enjoy life
with my wife and 2 dogs, I’m a partner at The PARAGRAPH Project, a co-founder of Bayou Rescue
and I’m an avid distance runner and weekend cook (not a chef). Cheers!


  • Email:dave@chasingbear.com